Introducing the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

When Chrysler designed the all-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, they took their time and crafted a minivan that defies all expectations and really delivers for your family’s needs. Check out some really cool features of the new minivan:

  • Its sliding doors open at the push of a button – so easy and convenient when you’re carrying a child or a handful of groceries!
  • Stow ‘n Go seating allows the 2nd row seats to disappear into the floor, creating more cargo room
  • If you want it, you can add on a built-in 50 watt vacuum system. It comes with 11.4 feet of retractable host, so you can sweep out all of the cereal crumbs very easily
  • This can has 13 cup holders. Yes. 13.
  • It has a third row sunroof, so your kids can get a little extra natural light, too

This van has some really great features, and experts agree that it blows away the competition. We think Car and Driver said it best: “It’s an all-new minivan, with a new name—and by our estimate, it’s also the best.”

Stop by Brown Motors today and test drive the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica!

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Be Aware of Cyclists: National Bicycle Safety Month


May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and at Brown Motors, we want everyone to be safe on the road.  You need to know how to share the road with bicycles. We’ve thrown together a few of more important rules!

First and foremost, expect cyclists to be on the road. It’s dangerous to come around a corner and be surprised by one. Instead, acknowledge that they have as much right to the road as you do and that they are going to be out there!

Sometimes people can find it frustrating to have to slow down behind a cyclist. This can lead to an attempt to pass without first ensuring everyone’s safety. It’s important to be patient. Wait until it is clearly safe to pass for you, the cyclist and oncoming traffic. When you do so, leave ample space between yourself and the cyclist.

Since cyclists ride to the right of the lane, be mindful when you turn right. Also, be aware when you are backing out of your driveway. After parallel parking, check your mirror before opening your door. It’s called getting “doored” and it can cause injuries to the cyclist.

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Do Women Buy Lincolns?

Do women buy Lincolns? Upon taking a candid appraisal of the market, the Lincoln Motor Company discovered that their brand has grown immensely among women. Of course, Lincoln models are designed to embody lots of class that has universal appeal. Though it’s not surprising that women find Lincolns so alluring, it’s certainly good news for the brand.

Based on IHS Automotive data and the automaker’s subsequent analysis, the number of women that have registered vehicles with Lincoln has grown 45%. Women were responsible for a significant amount of SUV sales. In particular, they liked the 2016 Lincoln MKX, with 59% more women registering that particular model in 2015.

Lincoln executive Sheryl Connelly said in a press release, “…as women reap the rewards of their success, they have increasing influence in shaping the luxury market landscape.” The growing interest from women becomes a positive cycle. As more and more women buy Lincolns, the more Lincoln is able to hone their products to appeal to them.

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A Few Rules for Parking Lot Etiquette

The problem with parking lots is that there is no uniform design. Often, the rules of the road for one don’t translate to another. But there are some general rules for parking lot etiquette that can help wherever you are.

Go slow. In a parking lot, someone can reverse out of a spot without paying close attention to their surroundings. Increase your reaction time by reducing your speed as you traverse the lot. This will ensure you can keep your eyes peeled for reversing vehicles and pedestrians at all times.

Don’t follow pedestrians. Though you may be desperate to get a close spot, following someone as they walk to their vehicle is just bad manners. Also, that person might take their time getting into their vehicle, getting situated, and pulling out. You effectively become a roadblock while you are waiting. This is not only inconvenient for other drivers but may create a dangerous situation.

Park properly. A parking lot only works if you actually respect the parking lines. Be considerate to others and do your best to park in the middle of the slot. Not only will this make for more room, it may also prevent another driver from dinging your vehicle with their car door.

Distance is key. The best tip for parking lot etiquette is to just park way out away from the crowd. This helps you avoid pedestrians, avoid potentially fender benders and helps you get a little exercise!

The bottom line is, we want you to be safe! We wouldn’t want you to scratch up that shiny, new car!

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40,000 People Have Already Shown Interest in Upcoming Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln Continental

The upcoming Lincoln Continental is already garnering strong interest around the nation, according to the latest information from Automotive News. Around 40,000 people have already expressed interest in the upcoming luxury sedan, which is set to become the flagship of our lineup at Brown Motors Ford Lincoln.

“People are asking a lot of questions about the car,” said Dan Marks, chairman of the Lincoln National Dealer Council. “This is the most buzz I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

This is great news for the Lincoln brand, whose popularity has been steadily on the rise over the last few years. Last year, it topped 100,000 sales, in large part thanks to the MKX crossover and Navigator SUV.

It remains to be seen how a new sedan will perform, but given that this is the Continental we’re talking about, the nameplate that practically defined Lincoln in its early years, we have little doubt that it’ll do well. The 40,000 people who have already requested their names to be on a list are a testimony to that!

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Top Speed Record on Ice: 170 MPH in the Challenger Hellcat SRT

Getting a car up to 170 miles per hour is almost no big feat, these days—doing the same on the ice, however, is a challenge. Fortunately for us, the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT was up to it.

The event took place at Årsunda Speed Weekend in Sweden, just two hours north of Stockholm—where else do ice driving events take place other than in Scandinavia, after all? According to the organizers, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT was utterly stock—just like you’d find it at Brown Motors—except for the studded tires.

Even with those equipped, it was a struggle for driver Alex Danielsson to keep all of the car’s 707 horsepower under control and he wiggled more than once while powering straight ahead on the snow. After all, this is a rear-wheel-drive car.

Still, Danielsson managed to get the Challenger Hellcat up to 170.6 miles per hour, setting a new top speed record on ice, bringing it within about 32 mph of its top speed on dry pavement.

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Ford Named Best Overall Truck Brand by Kelley Blue Book

Ford has been named the Best Overall Truck Brand for the third year in a row in Kelley Blue Book’s’s annual Brand Image Awards. This is also the seventh time the automaker has earned the honor in the eight times Kelley Blue Book has presented the award.

“Ford continues to give truck buyers what they want: best-in-class towing and payload capacity, a cabin filled with lux and tech amenities, performance that can cause an adrenaline rush, and a low starting price,” said’s editors.

The awards are based on Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch study, which tracks consumers’ perceptions of various automatic brands and how these affect their purchase decisions.

In other words, when customers come over to Brown Motors Ford Lincoln to shop for a new 2016 F-150, they tend to be just as motivated by its excellent capability as they are by the badge on the grille!

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FCA March Sales Rise 8% – Best Since 2006

Jeep 75th Anniversary Edition Lineup


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) reported U.S. March sales of 213,187 units, marking a significant 8% increase compared to the same period last year, and the best FCA March sales performance since 2006.


Every brand under FCA played a part, including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram. Sales of the Chrysler Town & Country were up a whopping 148% while those of the Chrysler 300 were up 21%.

Jeep continued its record-setting streak since November 2013 with sales up 15%. Its best-selling models included the Wrangler, Cherokee, and Renegade, all of which experienced their best March sales ever. The Compass was also up 53% and the new Renegade continued to make waves among enthusiasts.

It’s more of the same story over at Dodge and Ram. Both brands were up 11% for the month, with the Dodge Charger, Viper, Durango, and Ram 1500 and ProMaster standing out.

In other words, just about every vehicle in our lineup at Brown Motors CDJR is making an impact among auto shoppers. Come and take a look!

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Ford February Sales See 20% Growth in the United States

Between January and February, 2016 is already experiencing a serious upswing in auto sales, with February being the best month yet for several brands in the automotive industry. Ford February sales experienced the same positive growth, with the company witnessing a 20% increase in sales for the month of February alone as a record number of consumers bought new SUVs, F-series trucks, and Mustangs.

The 20-percent figure came in well above sales estimates from publications such as Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book, which projected only a 13-percent and 12-percent sales increase, respectively. While retail sales for the company only increased by 11 percent, fleet sales for commercial vehicles saw 36 percent growth. In addition, the F-Series trucks received a 10-percent sales increase following a significant change to the pickup’s exterior.

In comparison, the auto industry as a whole grew by 6.9 percent over the same period last year. The growth was attributed by industry officials due to the presence of an extra selling day on February 29th, the Super Bowl and Presidents Day holidays, low gas prices, and low interest rates.

While Ford representatives referred to the company’s sales as being “front-loaded” near the beginning of the year, many officials are optimistic that Ford February sales are indicative of another prosperous year for both the brand and the auto industry as a whole. While 2015 was the best year for the car market since 2000, it is predicted that 2016 will overall show even more growth for the industry.

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Tips for Cleaning Your Windshield

Winter is slowly fading away to make room for spring. But it likely leaves plenty of winter guck behind on your car, from salt to smudges to dirt. So before spring starts to rain down sap on your windshield, you want to make sure you can see out of it. Here are some tips for cleaning your windshield:

  1. When you decide to clean, pick a spot in the shade. The sun can cause the glass cleaner to evaporate too quickly and leave residue.
  2. Avoid using household glass cleaners because they contain ammonia, which doesn’t work if you have any tint on your windshield or other windows. Try tint-safe glass cleaners like Stoner Invisible Glass or Detailer’s Pro Series Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner.
  3. Get a microfiber towel and lightly dampen it with the cleaner. Wipe up and down, then side to side using long strokes.
  4. Flip the towel to the dry side to remove any wetness from the windshield.
  5. If there’s stubborn film remaining, mist first with glass cleaner, then use plain water to remove any streaks caused by the film.
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