Brown Motors Updates: 2013 Ford Fusion

2013-Ford-FusionThe 2013 Ford Fusion will incorporate a global design/platform that features premium interior materials and passenger comfort, with a selection of fuel efficient conventional and alternative power choices matched by state-of-the-art driver assist and infotainment systems. Ford states the Fusion is ‘a new model for cars’ and the Brown Motors’ team agrees!


The design emphasis is on “premium-ness” according to Fusion designer, Christopher Hamilton, who points to the car’s jewel-like grille, squinting projector headlights, wrap around LED taillights, profile character lines and sweeping aerodynamic roofline as evidence. The look is firmly a part of Ford’s “Kinetic 2.0” design language Hamilton says. There’s even a new Blue Oval badge above the grille.

The design language continues inside where you’ll find more space thanks to the 2013 Fusion’s larger dimensions. You’ll touch premium quality dash and comfortable luxurious seat materials that contain many recycled ecofriendly components. Available ambient lighting with seven color choices establishes the mood.


Scan the Fusion’s Smartphone-influenced center console & you’ll notice larger touch-sensitive buttons for easier user access. A simplified Sync/MyFordTouch infotainment system integrates phones, PDAs and digital media players with more intuitive operation via voice commands, touch-screen inputs, or steering wheel controls.

There’s ample driver-assist technology available including Ford’s Active Park Assist which will automatically parallel park the Fusion with the driver controlling the brake and throttle. Adaptive cruise control, collision warning, blind-spot and lane monitoring systems aid in keeping you on course and there’s even optically-enabled driver monitoring. If the system senses driver fatigue, a “coffee” icon lights on the instrument panel. Hill-start assist is available with both manual and automatic transmissions.

The Power of Choice

Fusion offers three gasoline engines and two hybrid powerplants. Joining the carry-over standard 2.5L Duratec® I-4 engine, there are two new available EcoBoost® engines – 1.6L and 2.0L – that offer a no-compromise combination of power and efficiency. Choose the 2.0L and you can have the optional Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive System and a six-speed automatic with paddle-shift capability. The 1.6L will be available with a manual or automatic transmission which features the optional Automatic Start-Stop System.

Better yet in fuel efficiency terms will be the Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid. The Fusion Hybrid blends an Atkinson-cycle 2.0 liter with Ford’s third-generation hybrid electric drive. At lower speeds, the Fusion Hybrid can travel in electric mode. When the gas engine does kick in, at higher speeds or when passing or merging, the transition is seamless. The new Fusion Energi plug-In hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) combines a high-voltage battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine. The plugin capability allows you to charge the battery using either a 120-volt or a 240-volt outlet upgraded with electric vehicle supply equipment. By doing so, you extend the distance the Fusion Energi can travel in all-electric mode. Its high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack provides enough power to operate in all-electric mode for short commutes. To lessen any concern you may have about driving range, when the battery is depleted or more power is required, the vehicle functions as a traditional gas-electric hybrid. Another great feature in the Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi is regenerative braking, which recovers more than 90 percent of the kinetic energy produced during braking and sends it back to the battery pack to be stored for later use. The PHEV is available early 2013.

A New Model for Cars

The 2013 Ford Fusion is a new model for cars. With its aerodynamic design, driving aids, fuel saving power options, advanced technology and all around good looks — the Brown Motors team can’t wait for the new Fusion to hit the lot in Petoskey! We already have a list of people who are interested!

Stay tuned to Brown Motors for the latest info! You can stop by our dealership any time to talk cars!!


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