Brown Motors Car Care 101: A Clean Engine

Ford-truck-how-to-clean-engineHaving a clean car on the outside is important to us; we spend money and time washing and waxing to prove our point. But have you considered how clean your engine is? Here at Brown Motors we are very concerned about how clean your engine is!

“If you don’t keep your engine clean deposits can build up and rob you of power, performance and fuel economy,” says Rick Kline, service manager at Brown Motors. “As a matter of fact, if you let it go you could end up with costly repairs.”

What are we talking about in terms of sludge or build up in our engines?

Here are some facts–for every 100 gallons of gasoline burned in an engine, the following by-products are produced:

  • 90-120 gallons of water
  • 3-10 gallons of unburned gasoline
  • 1/2-2 pounds of soot and carbon
  • 1/4-1 pound of varnish
  • 1-4 pounds of sulfuric and nitric acid

And engines aren’t what they used to be, that’s a good thing! Engines are now built cleaner at the factory and have tighter tolerances, which means, they have less tolerance for sludge and deposits. Today’s engines, also, operate at higher internal temperatures to produce less emissions.

How clean your engine stays is determined by the type and quality of the engine, fuel quality, your driving patterns and to a big part, what motor oil you use.

Brown Motors uses the semi-synthetic oil that the new engines need.

Semi-synthetic motor oils are complex mixtures of base oils (75-85%) and additive components (15-25%) designed to perform a variety of tasks:

  • separating and lubricating moving parts,
  • reducing engine wear,
  • helping prevent deposits from forming on internal engine components,
  • removing and suspending dirt and contaminants in the oil until these contaminants can be removed at the next oil change,
  • cooling engine parts,
  • enhancing engine fuel economy,
  • providing protection over a wide temperature range and
  • even helping to protect the emissions system.

In other words, the semi-synthetic motor oil Brown Motors puts in your vehicle does a lot more than just lubricate!

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you have, and taking the best care of that investment through regular maintenance–along with choosing high quality engine oils, fuels and parts–is a smart way to keep your vehicle running for the long haul! You can depend on the experts at Brown Motors to help you maintain your vehicle with the best quality factory recommended products for the best performance.


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