5 Safety Tips from Brown Motors


2014-jeep-driverSo you drive your vehicle every day. You have it adjusted for your comfort and enjoyment.  You think you know everything about your vehicle. But unless you’ve studied the owner’s manual thoroughly or grilled a Brown Motors auto expert about your vehicle, there are probably a few things you don’t know that could compromise your safety. Here is some helpful knowledge about your vehicle that you should know.

1. Airbags keep you safe

Your airbag can save your life; but don’t get too close for your own good.  You should be at least 10 inches back from the steering wheel. If you can go back further, do it! Keep the front passenger back as far as possible and do not allow them to put their feet up on the dashboard.  In combination with a seat belt, airbags are designed to save lives, but they are a force that should be respected.

2. Brakes stop your vehicle

Antilock brakes prevent your wheels from locking up during an emergency braking situation so that you can stay in control and steer your vehicle.  When you stomp on the brake pedal in an emergency, you will feel it pulsing underfoot. That is normal. Keep the brake pedal firmly depressed and steer until you are safe. Never let up on the brake when you feel the pulse or pump the brakes as that will defeat the purpose of the antilock system.

3. Dehumidifier to see better

When your windows steam up, use your air conditioner.  The main purpose of an air conditioner is to dehumidify the air. Use your air conditioner all 4 seasons to clear the moisture from your windows to see out better… just set the temperature for comfort.

 4. Follow at a safe distance

When the road is wet allow an extra car length to stop.  A typical vehicle will need about 20 feet more stopping distance when the road is wet.  Also, make sure your tires have plenty of tread; worn tires lose their grip more easily in wet conditions. Drive up to Brown Motors Quick Lube for a Free Tire Check anytime.

4. Headlights on

Do you have your headlights set to automatically come on when it’s dark? Make sure you manually turn them on in bad weather conditions like rain, fog, and snow when it’s too light for them to automatically come on.

5. Visible?

Make sure your headlights are still illuminating properly. As a vehicle ages, the plastic covering over your headlights can cloud over and defeat the purpose of the headlights.  A 24 point inspection is included with a Brown Motors oil change to make sure all is well.

Everyone at Brown Motors in Petoskey, MI is commited to satisfying all your transportation needs.  Remember when you get your oil changed at Brown Motors the technicians perform a Safety Check on your vehicle. Safe Motoring!


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