Your Vehicle Your Way at Brown Motors

2012-jeep-black-wheel-brown-motorsIs black replacing chrome when it comes to dressing up the wheels of new cars and trucks to attract performance enthusiasts?  “It seems that young people are really into black wheels & trim; but it really depends on the vehicle and what look you’re trying to acheive,” says Steve Brown of Brown Motors.


Automakers say buyers now crave black wheels as a fashion statement on new vehicles, leaving chrome behind.

“Wheels make or break (the look of) a car,” says Susan Swek, Ford Motor’s chief designer for color and materials.

A decade ago, rappers and other style mavens embraced costly, giant silver wheels. At the height of the fad, some even added spinning inserts that kept turning when the car stopped.

Now, black is in, seen as the color of speed and stealth. “Black is a little hotter, because it can evoke mystery or performance,” Swek says.

At Brown Motors we see more availability of black as an option:

  • Chrysler Group – Jeep created the “Altitude” editions of  Compass, Patriot, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler Unlimited after a naming contest, and all have black wheels. “It’s been a huge success,” says Jeep chief Jim Morrison.
  • Ford – For 2013, Ford is expanding the roster of vehicles that offer black wheels to include Mustang, Focus, Edge Sport, Taurus SHO and Explorer Sport. “Everyone wants their ‘ride’ to represent them. This is just the newest way to do it,” says Melvin Betancourt, exterior design manager.

So –is black replacing chrome? No! You just have more choices now and your ride can better express you!

Visit us at Brown Motors where we make car buying fun! You have so many options today! Come visit the car experts at Brown Motors in Petoskey, MI.


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