Brown Motors Wishes You Happy Hauling

Ford-F150-haulingEvery season is time to haul the toys in northern Michigan! Summertime: we can bring out all of the warm weather toys; and nothing says summer like taking the boat up to the lake. Fall: hunting season means time to haul the off road play toys to camp. Winter: snow means hauling the snowmobiles up to the U.P.

We also know that Ford truck fans love a good towing story, and Ford Social has plenty of them to go around. Take the F-150 owner who put his truck through a multi-state torture test while towing a horse trailer, or the Ford Social fan who calls their F-250 a “Super Awesome Towing Machine.”

Ford trucks are the best at moving big stuff from Point A to Point B. As you’re getting your trailer, boat or camper loaded up for those great weekends, consider some of the great features offered on F-Series trucks aimed at making your job hauling it a little easier:

  • Trailer Sway Control – Let’s face it, pulling a trailer through a winding mountain pass can be challenging. That’s where the Trailer Sway Control system comes in and helps keep everything on track by selective wheel braking. It can’t break the laws of physics, but it can help provide a smoother tow while keeping the white knuckles off the driver. (Standard on the F-150 & Super Duty®)
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller – It’s not fun when your truck stops, but your trailer doesn’t. When you’re towing a heavy load, you need everything working together like a well-oiled hauling (and stopping) machine. The Integrated Brake Controller makes sure your electronically-attenuated trailer brakes are talking to their buddies on your truck so everybody stops at the same time. (Optional on F-150 & Super Duty®)
  • Reverse Camera – You can only do so much with mirrors and a buddy behind you giving hand signals. Good thing there’s an optional reverse camera to help you hook up your gear. (Optional on F-150 & Super Duty®)
  • Productivity Screen with Trailer Profiles –  Gauges are great, but they can only tell you one thing at a time. Say hello to an LCD productivity screen that can be programmed to display anything from your fuel economy to different towing applications. (Optional on F-150 & Super Duty®)

Heading somewhere fun with the family this weekend? Safe travels and happy hauling!

Next time you need a truck, come see us at Brown Motors!

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