Make Your Smartphone a Virtual Keyfob at Brown Motors

Ford access smartphone app

Have you ever left your vehicle in a big city parking lot? Check! Worried about it being safe? Double check! Well guess what? Now your car can email or text you to check in and let you know if there’s a security breach.

“All you need is Ford’s new Remote Access smartphone app,” says Steve Brown of Brown Motors in Petoskey, MI. “That’s right! With this new app, your car will send you security updates! Or you can lock, unlock and even remote start your vehicle from across the parking lot, or across the country!”

This aftermarket add-on from Ford Custom Accessories turns your iPhone or Android device into a virtual keyfob.  You can even use the Find feature to flash the lights and honk the horn if, perhaps, you don’t remember exactly where you left it at the mall.

The Ford Remote Access app can be easily added to several Ford and Lincoln models at Brown Motors, even if your vehicle is a couple of years old!

“This Genuine Ford Accessory is a plug-and-play kit that is easy to install and does not require any vehicle wire cutting, hence maintaining the quality of the vehicle’s electrical system,” boasts Mouhanad Dahabra, a Ford Electrical Engineering Supervisor who worked on the program.

Right now, the Remote Access system is available on the F-150Super Duty®, EdgeExplorer and Lincoln MKX if your vehicle is a 2011 Model Year, or newer. You can also purchase it if you drive a 2013 model year or newer TaurusFlex, Lincoln MKS or Lincoln MKT. Contact Brown Motors for more information on pricing and availability. More vehicles will be added in the future, so stay tuned!

Brown Motors Ford Lincoln Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram | Petoskey, MI

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