Brown Motors Offers Safe Driving Tips for Teens


Teens face the greatest risk of crashing during their first year of driving. One out of every five licensed 16-year-olds will be in a vehicle crash.

“There have been some pretty bad accidents throughout the north recently. We want to help make the drive safer for everyone in Northern Michigan,” said Steve Brown. “The importance of safety belt use and understanding the risk of distraction are examples of topics we would like everyone to keep in mind every time they get behind the wheel .”

Brown Motors has some suggestions for parents and teens to keep us all safer on the road.

Brown Motors’ Safe Driving Tips for Teens

  • For the first year, Michigan limits the number of passengers new drivers can have, but, there are so many exceptions. A new driver can have passengers driving to school or an authorized activity, to work, or if the passenger is related. But even drivers who are allowed to carry passengers should focus on driving and keep their eyes on the road when talking. Remember, seemingly simple tasks can be distracting.
  • Parents can set a good example by putting down the phone when driving, making only necessary calls using hands-free technology or after safely pulling over.  Kelsey’s Law prohibits teens from using a phone while driving in Michigan.
  • Always buckle up and require all passengers to buckle up for everyone’s safety.
  • Remember that the faster you drive, the longer it takes to stop. Doubling vehicle speed can nearly quadruple the distance required to stop.
  • Don’t drink or use drugs, especially behind the wheel. Under-age use of alcohol and illicit drugs is illegal, and combining alcohol or drugs with driving can be deadly at any age.

Brown Motors suggests Ford Technology to keep safe

Parents who have a Ford vehicle equipped with MyKey® technology can encourage teenagers to wear their safety belts, keep the radio volume down, watch their speed and pay attention to the road – not their cell phones – simply by programming the teen’s key. It’s an exclusive technology that is available on more than 6 million Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Brown Motors has many vehicles rated as IIHS Top Safety Picks. Check out the fuel efficient small cars available at Brown Motors that are the safest on the highway.

Brown Motors wants to keep us all safe on the beautiful Northern Michigan roads that we drive every day.


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