Brown Motors Tips: Fight the Effects of Road Salt


Maybe you noticed that it’s winter outside! Are you protecting your vehicle from the dangerous effects of all that road salt they’re pouring on our roads to keep us safe?! Not only will your vehicle last longer if you wash away the salt, it’s value will remain higher and more importantly repair bills will be less over time. Here are a few tips on protecting your vehicle from the ravages of winter.

Protect your car’s exterior from road salt!

How often should you clean your vehicles? It depends on the number of snowstorms. It’s preferable to get your car cleaned after a snow storm and after the roads dry. Meaning, you are not still driving around in slush. A weekly wash is recommended; you just have to do the best you can to wash off that salt!

Experts say the best method to clean the exterior of a car is to get it professionally done. Second to this is either a brushless (touchless) or a soft-touch car wash. The brushless car wash uses high pressure water jets and detergents to remove the dirt and debris from your exterior. It does a good job, but does not address hard to get areas of the body. For the soft-touch car wash, make sure the brushes are cloth. Some car washes use abrasive bushes which can scratch the exterior. Always opt for the undercarriage wash option! You’ll pay a few dollars more, but its worth it. Cleaning these areas washes away unwanted elements from brake lines, mechanical parts, suspensions and exhaust systems.

Waxing your car’s body can offer a great deal of protection from road salts, which is why ensuring your car’s waxed up before the winter strikes is such a good idea. But if you overlooked this critical protection, it’s never too late to give your baby a nice mid-winter wax servicing. Get a ‘Once Over’ Wash & Wax from Brown Motors Detailing Center!

Winter wrecks havoc on your vehicle’s interior too! 

No matter how hard you try, when it’s snowing it’s impossible to keep the interior of your car completely dry, unless it’s permanently parked. But if you’re going to be driving on a daily basis, there’s simply no way around making occasional puddles on your car’s interior as collected snow from your shoes and clothing begins to melt. To better protect your car’s interior, buy yourself some good quality rubber floor mats and clean them frequently. Brown Motors has all the winter floor mats that best fit your Ford or Chrysler group vehicle and offer the greatest protection.

For winter’s less forgiving stains, trust the experts at Brown Motors auto detailing center to return your vehicle to a ‘like new” condition. Whether it’s a coffee stain from a cold winter morning or salt stains from where child kicks the seat, there are a wide variety of stains that often emerge when the temperature drops. Our technicians have the tools to clean hard-to-reach areas in your console, seats and more, all while helping make your car look new in no time.

As it turns out, washing your car isn’t just a spring and summer activity. It’s a year-round obligation that serves not only to make your ride look as sweet as possible, but also to protect it from sustaining the kind of interior and exterior wear that can drive down its value or cause problems with operation.

Brown Motors wants you to have an excellent car ownership experience and we’re here to help you throughout the whole journey! Visit us at — your local car ownership resource center.


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