Brown Motors: The Return of the Muscle Car


The sales team at Brown Motors is excited about the automotive community’s reception of the Dodge Charger. You really need to come check out this vehicle! The muscle car returns!


The Charger has been forged with the aptitude to simultaneously look back while powering
forward. The dual scalloped hood, the tapered bodyside profile, tight wheel openings, dual trapezoidal chrome exhaust tips and a signature 164 LED racetrack taillamp pay homage to its muscle-car roots. And where nostalgia leaves off, dynamic 21st-century engineering begins. The sculpted silhouette sharpens its aerodynamic performance. The low and aggressive front end offers no apologies for the menacing grille it wears as a badge of pure American muscle. And while horsepower will always remain king, its engine has been machined to efficiently sip fuel rather than gulp it.


The name is iconic. The design is modern. The feeling you get when you’re behind the wheel is rousing. And that’s the difference between Charger and anything else in its segment.

The race-inspired details, bold colors, and premium soft-touch surfaces flood the driver-centric cockpit. You’ll feel confidently in control with your hand on the available leather-trimmed three-spoke steering wheel with die-cast paddle shifters. Gauges feature LED lighting for easier reading, while the full-color Electronic Vehicle Information Center features driver selectable vehicle and personal settings. All pillars are fabric wrapped, which speaks volumes to Charger’s craftsmanship and refinement.

Tear it up with technology that helps get you there faster, plays your music louder and makes your presence known.

Sometimes life is going to throw a sucker punch, so the Dodge Charger will help you shrug it off. More than 65 standard and available safety and security features help you see those punches coming and absorb some of the sting when they land.

Come test drive the modern muscle car — Dodge Charger!


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