Help Your Vehicle Recover From Petoskey Winter Driving


We survived one of the harshest Petoskey winters on record! Your vehicle needs a little TLC to keep it operating at it’s best. A great Petoskey News article suggested some things to check out on your vehicle that I’d like to discuss!

Look Underneath!

All winter you’ve been driving through drifts of snow, against mounds of ice and over gigantic pot holes! If you’re not among the people who have already been to Brown Motors’ service drive with a piece from underneath your car in hand, then get down & check underneath your vehicle to make sure every thing is attached & intact.

Draw the Line!

If your ride is getting up there in age, you really need to inspect your fuel and break lines for any signs of corrosion. That salt laden slush can really do a number on these over time. Hopefully it’s time for you to visit Brown Motors Quick Lube. Buck, Mike & Jason will do a complete top-to-bottom vehicle inspection for you that include checking lines & looking for loose dangling objects.

Don’t let your Tires get Tired!

Do you have winter tires on your vehicle? Remember that snow tires have very soft rubber to grip the road better in the cold; but, when it warms up they wear down FAST! Brown Motors’ tire experts can switch out your tires; plus, they’ll check the tread & brake wear while they’re at it.

Splish Splash Time for a Bath!

OK we drove through a lot of salty slush this year. It’s time to wash off the salt so it doesn’t eat away at your vehicle.

Forecast: warm weather will follow cold winter! What ever the weather conditions are, Brown Motors will be there to keep your vehicle running at its best.



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