Throwback Thursday – 1932 Lincoln KB Dietrich Coupe

1932-Lincoln-KB-coupeThis past January in Detroit, the North American International Auto Show was held. All of the automakers brought out their nice, new shiny cars, revealing the new editions of their models, and even a few new models. Lincoln, however, went old school. They brought out their 1932 Lincoln KB Dietrich Coupe out to play.

This Coupe was a part of the Lincoln K-Series. Produced by Lincoln from 1930-1940, The K-Series was a line of luxury cars. In 1932, the K-Series was split into two different lines, the V8 Model KA and the V-12 Model KB. Both of the Models had a new grille and 18-inch wheels.

The pictured 1932 Lincoln KB was ordered by the current owner’s grandfather who was a Lincoln dealer in Kalamazoo, MI. This KB Coupe has a custom coachwork body that was designed by Raymond Dietrich of Detroit, giving it its name. This sort of customization was only available on the KB chassis, not the Lincoln, KA Chassis.

Just think, the Lincoln you buy today, could one day become a classic for your grandchildren!

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