Lincoln MKX Concept Brings Sexy Elegance to Lineup


Lincoln MKX Concept

The Lincoln MKX Concept is the sleek and sophisticated car you will want to show off.

Lincoln is bringing sexy back to the brand with the MKX concept. As the third of four all-new Lincoln models set to arrive on dealer lots by 2016, the Lincoln MKX concept debuted at Auto China 2014 in Beijing, making it the first vehicle from the brand to debut outside of the United States. This international debut shows that the American carmaker is ready to compete with the rest of the world.

As for the concept itself, the MKX design was inspired by both airplanes and motorbikes, creating the idea of both power and agility in its elegant, yet sexy silhouette. An aerodynamic, sloping roofline and wide shoulders illustrate the SUV’s sportiness, while side undercuts and a high beltline make it better proportioned and, therefore, more appealing to the eye.

“Great emphasis was put on the proportions of this concept vehicle,” said Andrea Di Buduo, exterior design manager of the Lincoln MKX Concept. “It’s a very emotional, athletic design. Its horizontal lines and defined undercuts are gracefully integrated and very sophisticated, yet convey a powerful and dynamic presence.”

The Lincoln MKX concept will enter production and enter the Chinese market within the next few years. Though the Lincoln MKX concept isn’t set to debut in the United States, we sure hope the carmaker changes this soon because this is one sexy SUV.

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