Floating On Air: Ford Lightweight Concept Car

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFord recently showed off their new lightweight concept vehicle, a version of their mid-sized Ford Fusion sedan. They were able to take enough weight out of the Focus to make it the same weight as their Ford Fiesta, Ford’s smallest compact car. To make this car that much lighter, Ford had to cut about 700 lbs. This lightweight concept car was created by using an aluminum structure and parts made out of carbon fiber composites and carbon fiber. By substituting these parts, such as replacing the cast iron brake rotor with an aluminum brake rotor, and replacing a cast aluminum oil pan with a carbon fiber oil pan, and replacing the solid steel springs in the front of the car with composite springs.

Now why would reducing the weight of a car be such a big deal? It’s not like you’re asked to lift the car up every day, or ever really. Well, we’ll let the Vice President of Engineering for Ford, Kumar Galhotra, answer that question for you:

“Lightweighting our vehicles is incredibly important to us in terms of improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.”

Still not convinced, check out the gas prices in our area lately. Your summer trip up 75 North to the beach is going to cost a pretty penny.

While Ford is still in the testing phases of this technology, it has huge implications for the future of Ford vehicles, just as the Aluminum Body F-150 did. Stay tuned to Brown Motor’s blog to stay up to date with this great Ford technology and check out the video below to learn more about the exciting Ford lightweight concept car.

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