Ford Announces Regenerative Braking for Non-Hybrids

Ford Hybrid Vehicle Body

While Ford Hybrids already have regenerative braking technology, Ford is looking at adding this technology into its non-hybrid vehicles.

Regenerative braking is a technology normally seen in hybrid cars that allows the battery to harvest braking energy. Ford has decided to change things up a bit though, recently announcing that 70% of its lineup will have stop/start technology that incorporates regenerative braking by 2017.

The most important aspect of this technology comes in the form of a new dual-battery system, which Ford created alongside Samsung. This system combines a lithium-ion battery and a lead-acid one and allows for braking energy to be converted into electricity. As the driver steps on the brakes, the engine shuts off while the lithium-ion batter keeps the accessories running. When the driver takes his foot off the brake, the engine starts up again allowing for less gas to be wasted while idling.

Already used in Ford hybrids, this new regenerative braking technology when incorporated into non-hybrids might even enable the American carmakers to replace lead-acid batteries with the lithium-ion battery, shaving off an extra 12 pounds and helping overall fuel economy. Learn more about the benefits of a lighter vehicle in our Lightweight Concept Car post and our Ford Aluminum Body Panels Post.

To see Ford’s new technology for yourself, check out this video:

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