Dodge Viper Convertible Available Only With Aftermarket Sales

2014-Dodge-viper-aftermarket-convertibleMany of you have the dream of letting your hair down and driving topless—the car, not you—down the open road in a sexy sports car. Many of you might even have this dream in the brand-new Dodge Viper, but may have been disappointed when you were told that the Dodge Viper convertible wasn’t a factory option. Well, worry no more. An aftermarket company called Prefix Performance will chop the top off your Viper lickity split—for a price.

The sleek convertible, which is called Medusa because it’s likely to stop you in your tracks, was created without the knowledge or consent of Dodge, but Prefix currently works with the American carmaker in the final preparation of the supercar, including paint. The current, fifth-generation Viper was built with a convertible version in mind, so the aftermarket convertible is easy to create and is of very high quality.

To procure one of these beautiful convertibles, all you need is $102,485, which is the price of the regular viper, and an additional $35,000 for the aftermarket chop. It might seem like a lot of money, but that sexy sports car might just be worth it.

Be sure to stop by Brown Motors and let us know what you think of the new Dodge Viper convertible options!

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