Natural Heritage Road in Our Backyard

M119-TunnelofTreesBrown Motors keeps you on the road & we want you to find fun places to drive!  Have you traveled the Tunnel of Trees?

Just north of Brown Motors here in Petoskey is the Tunnel of Trees, a Scenic Heritage Highway.  The Tunnel of Trees (we’re not kidding about tunnel!) is a narrow winding highway following the shoreline from Harbor Springs, passing through Middle Village and Good Hart, and ending at Cross Village.

The route offers unique shopping, dining, and history along with the natural beauty.  Leaving Harbor Springs, visitors will head north passing the Harbor Pointe Golf Course and   the rolling estates of Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club. One mile north of Birchwood is Pond Hill Farm, located on a sharp 90 degree turn just before the 5-Mile Creek Schoolhouse. Pond Hill offers an extensive farmers market, homemade canned goods, Garden Cafe, winery and greenhouse.  Just a few miles past Pond Hill Farm, there’s a fabulous photo opportunity at the top of Angel Farm.  Soon after, M-119 makes a sharp turn to the left and dives deep closer to the coast line.  The next several miles follow closely the Lake Michigan shoreline with excellent photo opportunities and historic markers along the way.

14 miles north of Harbor Springs, travelers will come first to the former Native American settlement of Middle Village.  Just one mile north of Middle village is Good Hart General Store, home to the famous Good Hart Pot Pies!  

Along the Tunnel of Trees, Good Hart is also the perfect stop for an afternoon on the beach.  Good Hart boasts two fabulous public beach and picnic areas: the Readmond Township Park and St. Ignatius Church with it’s rich native american history.

The seven miles north from Good Hart will take travelers deep into the forrest, with sneak peaks of the water poking through the trees to the west.

The road emerges from the trees at Cross Village, home to the best Polish fare west of Warsaw  – Legs Inn.

The Tunnel of Trees is a spectacle unto itself year round.  Believe it or not, as a state highway, the tiny, narrow road is one of the first to be plowed daily during the winter.  Springtime offers a spectacular view of the thousands of Trilliums covering the floor of the forrest.  Summer boasts fabulous sunsets and deep blue waters to the west.  Fall offers a superb color tour.  Travelers can continue on up to Wilderness State Park and the greater Mackinaw area, or head back south along the inland State Road to Harbor Springs and Petoskey.

Visitors come from all over the world to travel this natural pathway of pure beauty.   At Brown Motors we’re lucky enough to live in northern Michigan year round. Come visit your friends at Brown Motors for all your transportation needs – even where to drive!

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