‘Essence of Lincoln’ – The Smell of A New Car

2015 Lincoln Navigator Logo

Scent is one of the strongest ties we have to memories. Lincoln’s new ‘Essence of Lincoln’ perfume will help create the same emotional connection between you and your new car as you have with the smell of your mother’s homemade dinners or the scent of fresh cut grass.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, warm biscuits in the oven, a particular lavender candle, your mom’s perfume, the smell of pine – some scents have emotional ties for us. It seem like now there might be a new one to add to this list – the ‘Essence of Lincoln.’

What is the ‘Essence of Lincoln’? It’s the scent Lincoln developed to help highlight the warmth and luxury of the Lincoln brand. This scent was developed by SensoryMax, the aroma marketing leader, with special guidance from Rene Morgenthaler, a master perfumer.

“Perfumers are memory makers,” Morgenthaler said. “The sense of smell is very closely connected with a person’s overall perceptions of an experience.”

For this particular scent, Morgenthaler combined notes of green tea with undertones of tonka and jasmine. Green tea scents encourage well-being while the jasmine and tonka encourage a relaxing atmosphere. In some dealerships, you will be able to enjoy this relaxing scent from an ‘Essence of Lincoln’ scent card. In others, they will pump the fragrance through the ventilation system, helping to create a new scent association for you – the one you smelled when you bought your new car.

Stop by Brown Motors today to enjoy the ‘Essence of Lincoln,’ and test drive a new Lincoln vehicle today.

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