Lincoln and McConaughey – A Perfect Pair

Lincoln and Matthew McConaugheyAll of us here at Brown Motors love the sleek lines and polished exterior of the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC. It’s one of the best-looking cars on the roads today. We were excited to hear that Lincoln not only agrees with us, but they set out to find a new spokesperson for the MKC that is as attractive as their new model, and we have to say, that they succeeded. Matthew McConaughey is their new spokesperson. Lincoln decided that the heart-throb actor known not only for his roles in dramatic films such as the Dallas Buyers Club and We are Marshall, but also for running shirtless on the beach, would be the perfect fit to help them sell more of their luxury compact SUV. Given that McConaughey also loves the new MKC we think this is a great choice.

“Lincoln is a classic, iconic, American Brand,” McConaughey said in a recent interview about the new ad campaign. “It’s now making a transformation into the luxury market and from driving the MKC, I think they’re doing a good job of that.”

It’s not just the transformation that captured McConaughey about this campaign, but it’s the car’s smooth, sexy appearance. McConaughey even goes as far to describe the MKC in terms that would usually be reserved for his female co-stars:

“The MKC’s got good shoulders and hips, and what I mean by that is that it has a good stance, a good athletic stance, a base. And at the same time, it’s pretty sleek, it’s pretty streamlined.”

Matt, we couldn’t agree more. Out of all of your co-stars, Lincoln’s MKC is by far our favorite. Stop by Brown Motors to check out the all-new MKC in person and keep an eye out for the new Lincoln and McConaughey MKC ads coming soon to a TV near you.

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