Throwback Thursday – WWI Ford Model T Ambulance

Ford-ModelT-ambulanceWorld War I is known as The Great War, the War to End all Wars, the first modern war, but did you know that it was the first major war where cars were really used? Up until this war, most wartime transportation was done by boat, horse, chariot, or most commonly, your own two feet. Ford’s introduction of the Model T in 1908 changed all of that.

In WWI, Ford’s Model T made it to the front lines. Because of the Ford Model T’s assembly line production, it was not only affordable, but also easy to maintain since its parts were mass produced and interchangeable making them easy to repair, even overseas. The Allies depended on the Ford Model T to use as an ambulance and to transport Red Cross volunteers. 4,362 Ford Model T ambulances were shipped overseas by November 1, 1918. WWI Ford Model T ambulances were even driven by the likes of Petoskey’s own Ernest Hemingway!

The Ford Model T ambulances were also light enough that if they got stuck on a muddy road, in a hole, they could be lifted out by a group of soldiers without too much trouble.

To learn more about Ford, Ford’s history, and how far they have come, check with us at Brown Motors. We’ve been selling transportation since 1898.

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