5 Details We Love About the 2015 Ford F-150

F150The 2015 Ford F-150 is constantly touted for its lightweight, aluminum body. While this revolutionary design makes it one of the lightest, most fuel efficient F-150s in recent history, it’s not the only exciting change that Ford made on their new F-150s. Here is a list of a few of our favorite 2015 Ford F-150 updates that help keep the F-150 the perfect vehicle for truck lovers:

  1. The entertainment functions are confined to the center console so it doesn’t interfere with the drivability of the F-150.
  2. The Controls are clustered together based on what they control. You will find the lighting controls on the left of the instrument panel and the towing controls on the right.
  3. The Steering Wheel is intuitively designed with finger indents for added grip. It’s also a four-spoke design which enables drivers to use the 6 o’clock steering position to help ensure their truck and whatever they are towing is going straight.
  4. An additional Driver’s armrest was built on the inside of the front door to enable drivers to use it even when the window is up.
  5. Ford added a security keypad for entry on the outside of the driver’s door with a tactile feel for their buttons to help drivers easily enter and exit their Ford without the fear of locking their keys in their car.

What do you love about the new Ford F-150? Let all of us at Brown Motors know in the comments below!

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