Consumer Reports Looks Back at Mustang History

Mustang history from 1964 to 2014Fifty years has always been a landmark anniversary and for the Ford Mustang, it’s no different. As the iconic pony car enters its fiftieth year since its introduction to the market in 1964, Ford is pulling out the stops to celebrate—and they are not the only ones. Consumer Reports recently released a new video discussing the highs and lows of Ford Mustang history, highlighting the momentous events in this muscle car’s past.

Ranging from a discussion of interesting facts, like the zero to 60 time of the first Mustang Consumer Reports ever tested— around 16 seconds, in case you were wondering—to talking about the time when the ‘Stang faced extinction altogether if Ford had made it a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the video is a great way to commemorate Mustang history in the easiest way possible.

As the release of the 2015 Ford Mustang comes closer and closer, and anticipation builds, now would be the perfect time to remember where the newest generation of Mustang came from. Check out the Consumer Reports video below and be sure to stop by Brown Motors to check out this great legend in person.

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