2015 Ford Falcon UTE Revealed

2015-Ford-Falcon-UTEWe love Ford Pick-up trucks, whether it’s the Ford F-150 or the Ford Super Duty, we know that a good pick-up can go a long way. That’s why we are so excited about the 2015 Ford Falcon UTE that was revealed this past week.

The 2015 Ford Falcon is a car sold exclusively in Australia, and the UTE is the latest model that Ford has let us see. The Falcon has been made in Australia since 1960, and it continues to be a mainstay on the roads of Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond. What makes this newest model unique is that it takes the ever popular sedan and just mixes things up a bit. The new 2015 Ford Falcon UTE is part car, part pick-up truck, and all fun.

This new car-truck hybrid comes with a 4.0L six-cylinder engine with over 260 horsepower with options to upgrade to the 4.0L Turbo engine with 362 horsepower. This gives the new Falcon UTE plenty of power to tow that heavy load while its sleek sedan exterior design enables it to look stylish while driven around the busy streets of Australia.

While we can’t buy the new 2015 Ford Falcon UTE here, we can only hope that Ford will come out with something similar stateside. Until then, stop by Brown Motors to check out what great Ford trucks we have in stock!

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