Chrysler Group Powers House with Fiat 500e

fiat 500

This image, a still from the video embedded below, shows a Fiat 500 not charging itself, but providing power to a building through its car battery.

Are you looking to help reduce the amount of electricity your house uses? Why not just run your house’s electricity off of a Fiat 500e? This is exactly what Chrysler Group did in a recently released video. The American carmaker took advantage of the electric vehicle’s incredible power and, as part of a partnership with NextEnergy, made the car part of the home ecosystem.


The Fiat 500e was hooked up to the home through its charging station, allowing for a vehicle-to-home form of communication. Simple applications used on a tablet allow smart home owners to control the amount of power the 500e releases into the house, helping keep the electric bill of the house down and the environment safe from emissions


Check out the video below! If you are interested in creating your own home ecosystem using an electric car, stop in to Brown Motors today and see what electric cars we have to offer!

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