Protecting Those Who Protect Us – Ford “Surveillance Mode”

Police Interceptor

Ford is always trying to find ways to improve its police vehicles to better protect the police officers in our communities. The new Ford “surveillance mode” technology serves to do just that.

It seems that every week more and more new technology comes out that yet again impresses us with the ingenuity and innovation of auto manufacturers. The latest addition to this long list of remarkable technologies comes from Ford, and while it’s not available on your average car, we none the less find it exciting and significant.

Ford has developed a way to help keep Police Officers driving their Ford Taurus Police Car safer. They created a “surveillance mode,” on these cars. This mode utilizes several of the car’s current features, such as its rear view camera and auto locking for an entirely new, and dare we say ingenious, purpose.

If the Police Officer puts his or her car into “surveillance mode” and someone approaches their car from behind (as detected by the rearview camera), then a warning chime will go off. The car will also automatically lock the doors, roll-up the window on the driver’s side, and flash the car’s lights.

This “surveillance mode” technology was introduced on the 2014 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor but is now being offered to other car manufacturers.

“We want to assist with and improve the security of all police officers — whether they are using a Ford Police Interceptor or a competitive vehicle,” said a Ford special-vehicle engineering supervisor Randy Freiburger.

Let all of us here at Brown Motors know what you think of this new Police Safety technology in the comments below.

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