Chrysler Ramps Up Ram Truck Production in Warren

2014 Ram Truck 2500

If you love Ram trucks as much as we do, then you’d be excited to learn that Ram Truck Production is increasing by 100 trucks per day, meaning we will get a lot more of these trucks in!

Chrysler has always been proud to house the Ram Truck brand, building some of the world’s best trucks at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant, just four hours away from our showrooms here at Brown Motors. These Ram trucks have proven to be so incredibly popular that the plant has decided to majorly ramp up production—to the tune of 100 more trucks built per day.

“Building back-to-back Motor Trend Truck of the Year winners is something that has never been done before and it’s something we take great pride in,” said Curt Towne, Warren Truck Assembly Plant Manager. “So, as we approached this opportunity to rethink our processes, we wanted to make sure we kept our focus on the customer and doing things that would continue to improve the quality of the vehicle we deliver. I think this team accomplished that task.”

You don’t have to drive the four hours to Warren to check out these awesome trucks—although we bet the tour would be pretty cool. Just come see us here at Brown to check out these awesome, award-winning trucks today.

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