Travel In Style – Ford Transit SEMA Editions

Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner

You might be used to seeing the Ford Transit around town as an ordinary work van for caterers, tech companies, and hotel chauffeur servies, the new Ford Transit SEMA editions are anything but ordinary.

With the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Auto Show taking place this week (from November 4th – November 7th), it’s hard not to get excited about all of the new and fun vehicle editions being shown. The vehicles shown off at SEMA usually range from furiously fast cars such as the 2015 Ford Mustang RTR with its new grilles, diffuser, bootlid lip spoiler, bumper, dual tailpipes, power dome, and RTR badging. While Ford definitely is pulling out all the stops with this new Mustang, but they also have decided to break the mold and release 5 custom versions of their commercial van, the Ford Transit.

The SEMA editions of the Ford Transit each have unique designs which are made to show off a different element of the Transit’s capabilities. One model, called the Vegas Off-Road Experience, is designed for, you guessed it, off-roading. Another, the Travel Transist, is mean for long road trips with the family or with friends. It comes with a 50-inch TV and four massaging captain’s chairs with heating and cooling functions to keep everyone comfortable as you hit the open road. Other editions include the Formula Drift designed for use as a safety vehicle during racing competitions, the Detroit Custom Coach for VIP travel, and the Galpin Auto Sports’ Transit Skyliner luxury Transit. No matter what you could want out of a Ford Transit, there is a Ford Transit SEMA edition that fits the bill.

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