Snake-Bitten: Ford Mustang King Cobra Is Back


Remember the Ford Mustang King Cobra? Well, if you do, then you’re at least in your forties since the name hasn’t been used on a Mustang since 1978(it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone). However, this past week at the Specialty Equipment Manufacture’s Association show (SEMA), Ford revealed a modified Mustang GT that looks a lot like we would expect the Mustang King Cobra to appear. While this isn’t a car you purchase, and you would have to DIY a lot of the parts, it’s exciting to have the option to have the Ford Mustang King Cobra back in some fashion.

What exactly is included in the King Cobra Mustang? Well, for starters, it has the Ford Racing Drag Pack which including heavy duty half shafts and a new rear subframe. It also includes the Handling Pack that gives the Ford Mustang GT independent rear suspension with a new stabilizer bar, and specialty shocks. Finally, it includes the Super Pack with a 2.3L supercharged engine developed by Roush performance This engine increased the power of the Mustang GT from its already impressive 435 horsepower to over 600 horsepower, more than enough for even the most adventurous of drivers. To learn more about how you can customize your Ford Mustang to be more like the Ford Mustang King Cobra shown from Motor Trend Manazine’s Twitter Account below, be sure to stop by our Petoskey area dealership!


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