CDJ Mopar Modifications Go Stylish for This Year’s SEMA Show


Mopar has a mission to fulfill every year at SEMA and that is bringing out the absolute best in Fiat Chrysler’s race-ready roadsters. This year, CDJ Mopar modifications went above and beyond, delivering several concepts that knocked the socks off us at first sight.

Recently, Dodge and Chrysler both got in on the Mopar act, bringing us the Viper ACR concept, the Challenger T/A concept, Dart R/T and the Charger R/T concept.

The Viper ACR is striking from the start with its wide back-wing and its contrasting black, white and red paint job. It has a custom kit to increase its downforce and its interior has been mostly stripped to drop its weight.

The Sublime Green with black-painted Challenger has been given a more classically-inspired look, riding on the styling of a 70’s Trans-Am. The 6.4-liter V8 engine is cooled by the center scoop in the hood.

The Charger R/T and Dart R/T come in with bright blue and orange paint work respectively. The Charger has been built to cool its 5.7-liter V8 effectively and has been retooled to have a stronger grab with its suspension. The Dart, on the other hand, has been built for performance and has been given a bigger brake kit and a coil-over suspension system.

Brown Motors was stricken by this year’s Mopar modifications and are excited to see what the future holds for Mopar’s brilliant redesign work. For more on Mopar and Fiat Chrysler’s fantastic creations, be sure to check with us every week!

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