#1 Luxury Vehicle In America: The Ford Luxury Pickup Truck

2015-Ford-F150-KingRanchAmericans have been driving luxury vehicles for years.  Cadillacs and Lincolns used to dominate the luxury market; but, they were replaced with German and Japanese luxury cars in the late 1990s.  From then on, the luxury car market has been dominated by BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Lexus.  But now, these foreign manufacturers have some fierce competition from an unsuspecting place – Ford.

The Ford F-150, the best-selling vehicle in America, is now the best-selling luxury vehicle in America.  Yes, the Ford F-150. While the Ford F-150 has a base MSRP at $25,420, which would hardly make the pickup a luxury car, Ford has trim levels of this much-loved pickup that cost up to double what the base Ford F-150 costs which causes us to rethink the luxury market here in America.

TrueCar estimates that Ford will sell almost 190,000 F-Series pickup trucks in 2014 with prices over $50,000. While we could debate all day about what classifies a vehicle as a luxury car, the price tag has something to do with it, and a $50,000 tag is well within the luxury car segment.

The two trim levels that really help the Ford F-150 shine in the luxury segment are the Ford F-150 King Ranch edition and the F-150 Platinum edition which both have a starting MSRP of over $48,400. Ford’s dedication to really finding out what features their customers are looking for, plus its popularity have helped the Ford F-150 shine in the luxury market. If you want to check out just what the Ford luxury pickup trucks are all about, be sure to stop by Brown Motors for a test drive today.

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