Ford’s Recycling Saves Money & The Environment


We all know that Ford is creative when it comes to re-using materials, or do we have to remind you about the tomato-based manufacturing composite Ford uses to create interior storage bins? But now, Ford is looking to recycle even more than fruit-based fibers.

Ford’s aluminum-based F-150 not only gets much better fuel economy than the trucks built from steel sheets,  but it also enables Ford to recycle more of its scrap metal. That’s because aluminum can be continually recycled without integrity loss. Not only does re-using this scrap metal help to keep the landfills empty, but it also helps to keep the cost of the Ford F-150 down.

“Every single scrap of aluminum is reused,” said Chief Execute, Mark Fields. “The more you can reuse or recycle, it makes it a more compelling business case.”

By reusing this aluminum, Ford is able to save about $300 on each pick-up truck they produce – savings they pass on to you. While producing an aluminum rather than a steel truck does cost Ford about $1,000 more dollars per vehicle, Ford’s innovative aluminum recycling helps to lower the cost of each truck. Learn more about the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 and Ford’s recycling by coming into our Petoskey area showroom and taking a test drive today!

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