Is a Ford GT Successor Debuting in Detroit?

Ford Focus Name Badge

Ford will debut the Ford Focus RS in Detriot this coming month, but we don’t know a Ford GT successor will debut along side the RS.

We at Brown Motors have been eagerly anticipating the North American International Auto Show for the resolution of so many rumors floating around. The latest one, a Ford GT successor debuting in Detroit, has our ears perked.

We already know the Focus RS will be appearing in January at the Auto Show, but sources say a replacement for the GT could also be arriving. Before you imagine a beastly, thirty-cylinder engine roaring under the hood, we should tell you the anticipated heart of the new model will be a V6 EcoBoost.

Many are curious if Ford will be able to achieve the 600 horsepower it intends to out of such a modest engine. But, if the automaker intends to return to Le Mans in the future, a production version of the needed GTE-class vehicle would be needed.

If you’re not a fan of this news, don’t worry, you probably won’t encounter the GT’s replacement very often on the streets— potentially only 1,200 productions units will be released. If you are a fan, you’d better get your piggy banks ready and keep watching for more news on the release of this potential model.

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