First Time Overseas: Ford Mustang Exports Abroad

2015 Ford Mustang

Now, no matter where you live, you can drive an American-made Ford Mustang.

One of the things that’s makes America great are American Muscle cars. The Viper, Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang all have a distinct American flare and personality that make them stand out from the crowd. Now, for the first time ever, Ford decided to capitalize on this American flare and export the Ford Mustang overseas. Now, no matter where you live, you can get a Detroit-made Ford Mustang, if you’re willing to way for it of course.

How much do you ask? Well, in China the Ford Mustang will cost you about $64,340.  Compare that to the starting MSRP of $23,800, and the Chinese Mustang will run you about three times as much.

While this may seem like a huge markup, Ford had to take multiple factors into account when deciding to sell overseas.  For starters, the Mustang needs to be driven from the left and right hand sides. The air condition has to handle huge temperature spikes such as we see in the Middle East, and to meet safety regulation in Europe, the front fender had to be rebuilt to slope gradually and build to the hood.

To learn more about the Ford Mustang exporting for the first time, stay tuned to our Brown Motors blog right here!


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