Ford’s New Ride-Sharing Vehicle Aimed to Rival Uber


FordRideSharingVehicleIf you’ve visited a bigger city in the last year, you’ve probably heard about the debate between taking a Taxi or taking an Uber car to get somewhere. In case you haven’t heard about Uber, it’s a mobile app that allows you to call a car where ever you are. Uber charges rates based on current demand (meaning during peak times, you will get a much higher rate than during down times). It’s taken the world by storm lately and since its inception in 2009, expanded to over 55 countries!

Now, Ford had decided to try to produce a rival to Uber – a Ford ride-sharing app. What makes this app so special that Ford is looking to develop a special vehicle to go with it – a larger vehicle that can fit more people than your standard taxi or Uber car, but not quite as many as fit in your normal public bus. This idea would create a new type of space in public transportation – one’s not quite a bus line or an Uber car, or a taxi, but somehow in between. Ford’s still working on what the ideal size of this vehicle would be given how many people they want to fit into it and the amount of room they intend to provide to each passenger.

Of course, it’s a little unclear who these Ford vehicles would be targeting. Would they simply be an alternative to Uber when you have a larger party? Would they be sold to private companies as alternatives to buses or private cars? While there are still a lot of details that Ford has to work out with its ride-sharing vehicle, we are excited to see where it goes. Stay tuned to Brown Motor’s blog to learn more about this exciting technology as it develops!

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