Ram 2500 CNG Option Saves Money, Runs Cleaner

13948692952_3c0e42f90c_zRam is looking to add a new option to its 4×2 regular and crew cab and 4×4 regular cab 2500 model with the compressed natural gas (CNG) option. The new bi-fuel option isn’t exactly new, but its expansion to the 2500 model definitely makes things more convenient for the working person.

The CNG option has been available since 2012 and around 1,000 units have been sold since introduction. The CNG option means there’s another tank on board in addition to the gasoline tank. In the event you run out of natural gas while driving, the system will switch to the gasoline tank automatically.

The Ram CNG option comes with a hefty price tag—$11,000—but it’s entirely worth it if you plan on keeping your truck for 100,000 miles. While gas prices fluctuate, natural gas usually sticks around $2.80 a gallon.

A CNG tank adds an additional 300 miles to the Ram 2500’s maximum reach, the equivalent of 18.2 gallon of gasoline. Combined with the largest gasoline tank, the truck can go for over 900 miles without a fill up.

Plan on keeping your truck? Add on the CNG option—you’ll save in the long run.

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