Off-Road Madness: Mopar Offers Jeep Performance Parts

16367802477_7fd204b110_zIn order to showcase what Jeeps are designed for, Mopar has modified seven Jeep concepts with a series of new Jeep Performance Parts to toughen up each model for the trail. Although most models are already exceptional off road, Mopar has decided to push things to the limit.

According to Jeep, these Performance Parts include an array of lift kits, brake kits, beadlock wheels, rails, fender flares, and even custom axles. Whether you want to add a few inches to your ride height or swap out steel for aluminum, Mopar is making it possible.

“The seven new Mopar-modified Jeep concept vehicles that attacked the trails in Moab, Utah offered an impressive demonstration of how Jeep Performance Parts can assist serious off-roaders in enhancing their performance,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar Service and Parts.

This new portfolio of parts has been around since 2012, and Mopar has been adding to it ever since. These performance parts offer factory-engineered ways to take your best-in-class off-road performance vehicle to the next level. With these new parts, there will be few trails your Jeep can’t tackle.

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