Automotive Stars: Two Classic Chryslers that Got Plenty of Screentime

Simply put, classic Chryslers look great on the silver screen—or the small screen for that matter. They are quintessentially American automobiles, making them the go-to ride when producers want to suggest the same of the character driving them. They also suggest elegance and a high-degree of functionality.


Speaking of functionality, the 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown, featured in the most recent big-screen version of The Green Hornet, was highly functional in one particular area: wiping out bad guys. That’s because it had a 4.6 millimeter ballistic-steel-reinforced exterior. It had two .30-caliber machine guns mounted on the hood, not to mention a flame-thrower protruding from the front grille.


If that seems a little too aggressive for your taste, check out the fire-apple red 1964 Chrysler Imperial convertible that Don Draper drives on the hit show Mad Men. Or rather, drove. The classic Chrysler, one of only 922 made, recently sold for only $39,000 on eBay. Not a bad price for such a rare car which, at least on the show, appeared to look brand new.

We at Brown Motors would like to know what classic Chrysler you could drive if you had the choice. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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