Chrysler Engine Plant Is First US Plant to Earn Silver Rating in World Class Manufacturing

Chrysler production plants are basically all working double-time right now. Typically, Chrysler shuts down some of its plants for a summer break, but this year, with such a rush on Chrysler vehicles, the brand is running four of them without a break. However, that doesn’t mean the quality of production is going down—quite the opposite, in fact.

The Chrysler engine plant in Dundee, Michigan just became the first US facility to earn a silver rating in World Class Manufacturing. The silver rating reflects the plant’s commitment to excellence in both technical and managerial categories, and makes Dundee the second-highest Chrysler plant overall.

“Dundee Engine Plant employees were early adopters of the WCM methodology and their commitment to furthering its implementation now has resulted in a silver designation,” said Brian Harlow, Vice President of Manufacturing, FCA North America. “They clearly demonstrated a deeper understanding of the methodology and embraced the opportunity to showcase their significant progress during the audit.”

Chrysler has a healthy manufacturing presence in North America, with 36 plants scattered all over the continent. Twenty-three of those plants are in the United States, in fact. Hopefully, more and more of them will start achieving silver ratings from the World Class Manufacturing standard. Come see us at Brown Motors Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to see the vehicles that come from those plants.

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