Technology Spotlight: Ford Sync 3 System

Ford Sync 3 System graphic

The New 2016 Escape showcases the Ford Sync 3 System.

The Ford Sync 3 system is better than ever before, making driver-to-car connectivity seamless and easy. There have been many vast improvements to the SYNC system, helping more drivers stay connected while out on the road. This new system not only comes with an all-new design, but it also has a variety of enhancements that you can see below.


Menu Structure – The new menu will be more intuitive and much more responsive. It will also be quicker. Voice controls are understood more easily and apps are quicker to react.


Over-the-Air Updates – Ford Sync 3 offers over-the-air updates that are delivered as soon as they’re available. There is also a notification that will alert you of the update.


Seamlessness – The upgrades allow Ford Sync 3 to operate with complete seamlessness. There’s no worry about glitching or freezing with the new system, making your Ford Sync 3 system experience better than ever before.


The 2016 Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC will be the first vehicles to include Ford Sync 3. For more information about the upcoming models or new Sync 3 system, visit Brown Motors Ford Lincoln.

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