Ford Explorer to be First-Ever Wheelchair-Accessible SUV

The BraunAbility MXV concept
Ford and BraunAbility have paired together and will be introducing their first-ever wheelchair-accessible SUV – the BraunAbility MXV. The new venture has the potential to really shake up the entire automotive industry and provide better mobility solutions to those in wheelchairs all over the world.

The BranAbility MXV will provide thousands of people with a new sense of independence. The wheelchair-accessible vehicle was first introduced earlier this year in Daytona Beach and production has been set to start this month. The MXV will incorporate sliding-door technology, lighted floor ramps, 54-inch door heights, 28-inch ramp, space-saving front seat design, sliding shifter for increased speed, and a key fob with door and ramp functionality.

Nick Gutwein, BraunAbility President and CEO, said: “For our first-ever wheelchair-accessible SUV, it was important we worked with the best. We wanted to create a vehicle that personifies freedom and independence, and the Ford Explorer provides the ultimate base to achieve that.”

To learn more about Ford and BraunAbility’s newly designed Explorer, click here.

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