Tips for Washing Your Car By Hand


It seems everything is automated these days and, while it certainly is convenient, not everything is perfect. Automated car washes are among that technology. While it may get most of the dirt, bugs, grime, and chemicals off your car, it won’t get them all. That’s why Brown Motors is here to help you with washing your car!  Here are a few tips that will make it easier to wash your car by hand:


Use the right soap. Household cleaners and detergents won’t do; use a dedicated soap that will care for your automotive paint instead. Household cleaners can strip your car’s paint of its protective coating, leaving it more open to damage. That can easily hurt resale value over the years.

Don’t scrub in circles. When using a sponge, avoid scrubbing in circles. That can leave noticeable swirl marks in the paint. Although they’re just light scratches, in the right light they can look a lot worse. To avoid this, wash lengthwise instead. Switch sponges after washing your tires too. Debris can get caught in the sponge and leave scratches in the paint.

Avoid direct sunlight. When washing your car, you’ll want to make sure it’s cool out so the sun doesn’t dry the soap and water quickly. Washing in the morning or evening will save you a good chunk of time that would have been spent soaking your car.

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