Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the scariest times of the year—especially if you’re a driver out on Trick or Treat night. The idea of hitting a costumed kid is enough to terrify anyone, so follow these Halloween driving safety tips to avoid hurting anyone.

One thing you should do is treat other vehicles like school buses. Don’t pass them if they’re stopped in your lane—they could be letting children out, and when it’s dark outside, you could easily miss the kids and hit them as you pass. If you’re dropping off kids yourself, turn on your hazard lights when you pull over to let other drivers know to be careful driving near you.

If you’re driving through residential neighborhoods, you need to drive slowly, more slowly than you usually do. This is the one night where driving under the speed limit is a great idea. Kids are darting in and out of the street without looking, so keep an eye out and be ready to hit the brakes at a moment’s notice. Always yield to children!

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