How to Drive on Icy Roads

Driving in the winter isn’t fun to do, but it’s necessary. While it isn’t safe to venture out on icy roads, sometimes we have no choice. If you find yourself out on the open road this winter and begin to notice black ice, it’s important you stay alert, slow down, and brake early. To avoid sliding while you’re driving this winter, here are some tips on how to drive on icy roads:

  • Don’t stop to help. The greatest danger to someone on the side of the road is another car. By slowing down and pulling to the side of the road, you’re forcing other cars to hit their brakes as well. That can lead to an accident whether you’re involved or not. Unless someone is in immediate danger, call the authorities and continue on your way.
  • Avoid hills. Trying to drive up an iced over hill is like trying to start a fire under water. Gravity will more than likely stop you before you reach the top and you may find yourself sliding backwards into other vehicles. Go around the hill or wait until later to travel to your destination. If it’s an emergency, call the police or fire station, both of which are capable of tackling an icy hill.
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