Top Five Road Trip Movies

The holiday season is a terrific time to enjoy a road trip. But before you head out on your next road trip, take some inspiration from these top five best road trip movies:

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

For those who don’t mind subtitles, this Mexican film is everything a road trip movie should be. There’s gorgeous scenery, fun adventures along the way, and a heavy dose of self-discovery for all travelers.

Mad Max (1979)

This low-budget, post-apocalyptic thriller set in the Australian Outback is certain to get you in the mood to hit the road. Just don’t you forget your leather outfit and Vegemite!

Planes, Trains And Automobiles (1987)

No one can combine dark humor and near-saccharine sentimentality like John Hughes. While no one would want to their trip to mirror the one portrayed in this film in any way, it’s good for more than a few laughs and at least one hearty cry.

Thelma And Louise (1991)

Despite its now famous ending, the film stands as a road trip classic. The two lead characters display exceptional chemistry as they run from the police through the American desert.

Rain Man (1988)

Two brothers, one autistic and the other a selfish yuppie-type, travel from Ohio to LA. The yuppie struggles to find the patience and love necessary to properly care for his brother.

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