Stay Safe: Tips For Holiday Travel

Holiday-TravelTraveling for the holidays? You are not the only one. And that means a lot of traffic and potential for everything from delays to a greater likelihood of an accident. We’ve thrown together some tips for holiday travel to help you and yours get to your destination safe and sound.


Complete some maintenance. Doing a little maintenance before you takeoff can go a long way to prevent catastrophe. Top off fluids (including wiper fluid), replace wipers if need be, make sure tires are healthy and properly inflated.

Plan ahead. The holidays can produce traffic volume that far exceeds the capacity of certain interstate and exchanges. Add construction and bad weather on top of that and you could see terrible traffic jams. Always consider alternate routes that circumvent the interstates around big cities. Use Waze to help you look ahead and potentially find alternate routes. Use weather apps to help you plan your travel.

Stay entertained. This is especially true for those traveling a long way. Dull and boring moments in the car can sometimes add to the stress. Make sure you’ve plenty of music, podcasts and audiobooks to pass the time.

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