Tips for Off-Roading in Snow

Off-roading in snow isn’t for the uninitiated, but for experienced off-roaders, this can be a fun, challenging experience. Snow makes trails totally different, making some trails easier and some harder, so it’s a great way to experience your local trails in a whole new way.

The number one thing to remember with wintertime off-roading is to be prepared. This is not the time to be caught without your cell phone or recovery gear to help get you out of a rut. Severe cold makes it much more dangerous to wait around in the snow for a tow!

Learn the different kinds of snow before you start driving on them. Heavy snow is easy to drive on; light, fluffy snow can cause you to sink. And just like with driving on roads, if you get stuck in snow, don’t spin your tires. It just buries you further. Try to back up before you go forward again and pulling forward in different directions.

Make sure you have the right kind of tires—wide ones that get good traction and are made of flexible rubber. And dress right! Wear clothes that are warm and give you lots of coverage from the wind.

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