New Ford Inventions Set New Record

In 2015, Ford set a new record for the most new Ford inventions patented in a year. The inventions cover a wide range of technology, including mobility, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, wearable devices, eBikes, navigation, ride-sharing, and more.

All together, Ford employees submitted nearly 6,000 new inventions—an increase of 36% over 2014.

“Our engineers and scientists are inventing ways to address mobility challenges more than ever – with more patent applications filed this year on car-sharing, wearables, bikes, cloud computing and in other areas to improve consumers’ lives inside and outside the car,” said Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president and chief technical officer, in a statement. “By hosting – and participating in – more internal hackathons and innovation labs, our employees are stepping up to show that inventing is a priority for leadership in the industry.”

With these new inventions, Ford will be moving into the future with great products, like an autonomous vehicle that will be able to detect other vehicles even when it can’t “see” them. Other inventions will help extend the driving range in electric vehicles and even helping cyclists warn other riders about obstacles in the road.

Here at Brown Motors Ford Lincoln, we are proud to be a part of a company that is continually working towards new innovations to make mobility around the world better and faster.

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