Top Speed Record on Ice: 170 MPH in the Challenger Hellcat SRT

Getting a car up to 170 miles per hour is almost no big feat, these days—doing the same on the ice, however, is a challenge. Fortunately for us, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT was up to it.

The event took place at Årsunda Speed Weekend in Sweden, just two hours north of Stockholm—where else do ice driving events take place other than in Scandinavia, after all? According to the organizers, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT was utterly stock—just like you’d find it at Brown Motors—except for the studded tires.

Even with those equipped, it was a struggle for driver Alex Danielsson to keep all of the car’s 707 horsepower under control and he wiggled more than once while powering straight ahead on the snow. After all, this is a rear-wheel-drive car.

Still, Danielsson managed to get the Challenger Hellcat up to 170.6 miles per hour, setting a new top speed record on ice, bringing it within about 32 mph of its top speed on dry pavement.

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