A Few Rules for Parking Lot Etiquette

The problem with parking lots is that there is no uniform design. Often, the rules of the road for one don’t translate to another. But there are some general rules for parking lot etiquette that can help wherever you are.

Go slow. In a parking lot, someone can reverse out of a spot without paying close attention to their surroundings. Increase your reaction time by reducing your speed as you traverse the lot. This will ensure you can keep your eyes peeled for reversing vehicles and pedestrians at all times.

Don’t follow pedestrians. Though you may be desperate to get a close spot, following someone as they walk to their vehicle is just bad manners. Also, that person might take their time getting into their vehicle, getting situated, and pulling out. You effectively become a roadblock while you are waiting. This is not only inconvenient for other drivers but may create a dangerous situation.

Park properly. A parking lot only works if you actually respect the parking lines. Be considerate to others and do your best to park in the middle of the slot. Not only will this make for more room, it may also prevent another driver from dinging your vehicle with their car door.

Distance is key. The best tip for parking lot etiquette is to just park way out away from the crowd. This helps you avoid pedestrians, avoid potentially fender benders and helps you get a little exercise!

The bottom line is, we want you to be safe! We wouldn’t want you to scratch up that shiny, new car!

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