Do Women Buy Lincolns?


women-buy-LincolnDo women buy Lincolns? Upon taking a candid appraisal of the market, the Lincoln Motor Company discovered that their brand has grown immensely among women. Of course, Lincoln models are designed to embody lots of class that has universal appeal. Though it’s not surprising that women find Lincolns so alluring, it’s certainly good news for the brand.

Based on IHS Automotive data and the automaker’s subsequent analysis, the number of women that have registered vehicles with Lincoln has grown 45%. Women were responsible for a significant amount of SUV sales. In particular, they liked the 2016 Lincoln MKX, with 59% more women registering that particular model in 2015.

Lincoln executive Sheryl Connelly said in a press release, “…as women reap the rewards of their success, they have increasing influence in shaping the luxury market landscape.” The growing interest from women becomes a positive cycle. As more and more women buy Lincolns, the more Lincoln is able to hone their products to appeal to them.

Brown Motors is your Lincoln dealership in northern Michigan.

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